Monday, December 5, 2011

Letters to Santa

Elfie reminded us that it is time to get those letters to Santa written and off to the North Pole.

So this morning we sat down before breakfast and wrote our letters to Santa.  It was a BIG hit with the boys.  And I loved some of their answers. 

Connor truthfully said he had been “A little nice, and a little naughty”, and he wanted a purple fish “and nothing else.”  And when I asked him where we lived for the return address he looked at me like I was from Mars and said “right here, at the last house on the “court-de-sack.””

Ryan insisted we need a new box to say “VERY GOOD” instead of just “Nice.”  And he had a whole list for Santa.  He wanted to make sure I got it all in his letter.  And when it was time for him to sign his letter he started with the "R" on the right hand side, and then the proceeded to write his name from right to left (not that you could read it if you hadn’t seen him write it and tell you the letters, but it really cracked me up.) 

After we got our letters all written and stuffed in their envelopes we headed out to the mailbox to mail them.

Now we will just have to wait anxiously to see what Santa says...


  1. Your Santa letters are really cute! Where did you get them?

  2. I made them. The graphics are from a Kaye Winicki kit called Holly Jolly Season -



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