Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elfie decorates the tree... again.

Okay... It's time to get that tree decorated before Elfie decides to do any more decorating of his own...

Every time I turn around that elf has hung something else on the tree.  Today? Well, today it was life jackets and life preservers. 

Apparently he wanted to be the one to tell the boys that today was the day for the Kemah Boat Parade.  And since we were so incredibly lucky to be heading out to watch the parade on the water (thanks, Lisa!!) we needed those lifejackets.

And for the record I did start decorating the tree.  I pulled out this years' new ornaments by Claudia and got our family ornament and my ornament on the tree.

I picked up a few new ornaments for the boys as well.  They will be thrilled to get to help us hang their ornaments on the tree tomorrow.

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