Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wyatt and Willows 3rd Birthday Party

After Spring Fling, still covered in paint and sporting a blue do, we made our way to Wyatt and Willow's 3rd birthday party at K2 Academy. Connor was thrilled to see his friend Jadon again. He was also interested in checking out all the equipment from trampolines, to rings, and balance beams.

He even braved the zip line. But by far his favorite things were the steam roller (which he and Ryan teamed up on to try to plow anyone and anything over with) and of course the parachute.

Ryan was a jumping fool. :) He loved the trampolines (hint, hint).

Like Connor he was also eager to explore (after we convinced him that he had to share the trampoline...) He tried out the rings, the balance beam, the parachutes, and the zip line.

He even showed off a few of his dance moved before wishing Willow and Wyatt a Happy Birthday.

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