Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raising Chickens

Kevin's brother Randy is raising chickens. Though we had heard about the coop we hadn't made it over to check it out until this weekend which turned out to be great timing as he had just gotten a new load of chicks (or peeps) in.

They were just a week old.

Ryan wasn't terribly impressed with the baby chicks. He wanted to see the BIG ones in the coop.

Uncle Randy even caught one for him to pet.

And everything was fine while the chickens all stayed over in their corner.

Until Kevin's dad came around on that side and sent them fleeing towards us. At which point the boys screamed, ran and tried to climb and claw their way up us lest they be run over by a flock of fleeing [baby] chickens. :)

Just look at them. Ferocious.

Then as we were standing outside waiting for everyone to exit before heading back to the house to enjoy the fish fry I happened to glance down and notice some weeds. I did a double when I saw the leaves and then asked - "Is that poison oak?" To which Randy replied - "No. It's poison ivy." So if anyone gets red and itchy tonight we won't have to wonder what they are allergic to this time. :)

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