Saturday, April 9, 2011

A quiet morning in the backyard sandbox

I could have sworn I once wrote a post about our backyard sandbox. I have certainly been teased enough about it. About the 1.25 tons of sand it took the fill the 10ft octagon. In case you aren't up on your tonage to pounds conversion it was 2500 pounds of sand. 50, 50lb bags. It took me an entire day to fill the thing. Between trips to the store, carting the bags to the backyard, then unloading them in the box. I had been sadly mistaken when I thought 20 bags (50lb bags) would be enough to fill it. I still laugh thinking about that day. How excited I was to get it. How crazy Kevin thought I was. How he informed me this was my hair brained project. What in the world could two teeny tiny boys need with a sandbox that big?!?! But the only thing I could find when I looked were the pictures from their first adventure in the sandbox.

I didn't realize it has been a year already, or only a year. Really, not much has changed. Other than perhaps the fact that we have acquired more toys. The boys still love to play in the sandbox.

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