Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sam Houston Statue

I don't know how many times we have driven by the Sam Houston statue on our way here or there up I-45. It's fairly hard to miss a giant white stone statue on the side of the road. Even at night when it's lit with flood lights and stands out like a beacon. But we had never actually stopped to take a closer look. So as we left Huntsville State Park needing to kill about 30 minutes while Connor napped before dinner we followed the signs from the park to the parking lot for the statue. As Connor napped Ryan and I decided to check it out.

After signing the guest book as we made the short trek between the building and the statue we came across a seating area fronted by what looked to be a stage and a giant man's head.

Like everyone else of course we had to stop and pose for a photo opp though this wasn't exactly what I envisioned as I asked him to stand there. :)

As we headed back off down the trail again we came upon the base of the Sam Houston Statue. It is a totally different perspective being at the base of the statue than seeing it from across the road on the highway while driving 70 miles an hour as we so often have. It is truly amazing just how big it is. It reminded me a little bit of the Statue of Liberty.

After taking a few pictures while nervously keeping an eye on Ryan as the traffic on the highway whizzed by not terribly far off in the distance we headed back to find Connor awake and ready to see the statue up close and personal for himself. Though as we came out in the clearing next to the statue Connor took one look at it and turned and wandered off as if to say "What's the big deal? Been there, seen that. I have better things to do." What can I say? The kid has no appreciation for art - at least not so soon after a much too short nap. :)

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