Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Fishing Trip at Huntsville State Park

While we were camping at Huntsville State Park we took the boys fishing for the first time at the pier just down from our campsite. The boys were so excited about their new fishing poles. Ryan's was a Lightening McQueen model, and Connor's was a Buzz Lightyear. We walked to the pier from our campsite. The boys insisted on carrying their own poles.

When we got to the pier I gave the boys some juice while Kevin worked on putting hooks, sinkers, bobs and bait on their lines.

When he was done we dropped the the lines into the water right next to the pier.

The boys held their rods, and thanks to the super clear water and the shallow depth at which we were fishing they could watch the fish swim up and around their hooks.

They watched their bobs.

There were nibbles, and more nibbles.

And then Connor's went under! He had a fish!! We hooked him and he helped to reel the fish in.

He was so excited until he was waving the rod around wildly and the fish smacked him in the head on a one of its wildly swinging arcs. He didn't like that part one bit. Bad Fish.

Kevin unhooked the sun fish and gave it back to Connor for him to hold and then toss back into the water.

He didn't even hesitate to grab it. After looking at it for a minute he tossed it back in, ready to do it all over again.

In the meantime, just seconds after Connor had reeled his fish in another one hit Ryan's line. I helped him to hook the fish and Ryan reeled him in all by himself!

He was so excited!! His first fish!! He did such a great job reeling him in.

Like Connor, once he had his fish reeled in he didn't even think twice about reaching out and grabbing it as it dangled on the line.

Kevin helped him get it off his hook and he tossed his back in as well.

After another round or two Connor decided that he had had enough fun fishing for one day and sat and watched as Kevin, Ryan, and I continued to have nibbles, and bites, and reeled in fish after fish.

As Kevin or I would hook a fish Ryan would run over to reel it in and show everyone his fish.

Like Connor, he soon discovered that the fish could flop around like crazy and he had better keep an eye on them. :)

I would have to say that the boys' first fishing trip was a rousing success. Luckily the fish hit the lines almost as fast as we could get a fish off, re-bait the hook, and drop it back in the water making for a fun hour of fishing with lots, and lots of action.

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