Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing in the Sprinklers

After the boys' nap, or maybe I should say in lieu of because I am not sure they ever actually got to sleep today, the boys and I played in the sprinklers in the backyard.

The sprinklers have been broken for a while (cracked pipe) and our grass had gone from wilted to crunchy.  I finally managed to get ahold of the sprinkler guy this morning and he promised to stop by tonight to fix the cracked pipe.

It only took him a few minutes to fix it, though he got pretty soaked himself in the process.  He apparently didn't take my geyser warnings seriously and turned the water on full board expecting something short of the blast of water that shot out of the pipe drenching him. 

He made a quick fix and told us to wait an hour before turning the water back on. 

The boys had just gotten up from their pseudo nap when the time was more than up and I went out to turn the sprinklers on for a few minutes in each zone to make sure they were still working.

Of course the second the boys saw the water, or should I say... Connor... saw the water it was all over.

I ran inside to grab my camera and by the time I made it back outside his pants were already soaked.

Though I can't possibly imagine how that happened... can you?

The kid seriously loves the water. He just can't get enough.

It didn't take much convincing to get Ryan to join in either.

And of course with the swing set super slippery from all the water the boys had to climb to the top.

And try out the slide.

While normally fast, when wet the slide was super fast.  It shot Ryan off at all full run.  I was amazed he was able to stay on his feet.  Connor shot out of the end and didn't even try to put his feet down.  He flew about 4ft before his bottom finally hit the ground.  Though like a rock skipped across the surface of a pond he bounced a few times before coming to a complete stop.

Needless to say the boys thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sprinklers.

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