Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ryan has been a hoot this weekend. You can find Kevin's version of the story below along with, in true Kevin style, an epistle about everything in life. :)

Ryan started another cute little “trait” this weekend. The word “OK” has become a common part of his vocabulary. He’ll say things like “More cranbabies, OK?” or “Water, OK?”. He seems to mostly use the word like a question at the end of sentences, but he also uses it in place of “yes”. These probably aren’t the best examples, but trust me, it’s cute.

Some other items I noticed this weekend with Ryan: He now calls McDonald’s “Old MacDonalds.” He has learned the meaning of “yes”. For a long time, he has clearly known the meaning of “no”. It is refreshing to finally see him say yes to some questions.

Some other Ryan Cute traits:
- Cranberries are Cranbabies.
- Connor is Tartar. While I should be proud when he starts calling him Connor, I’ll really be sad. It is so cute seeing him call him Tartar.
- Everything related to Ryan’s Yellow bus. That Tonka yellow bus has to be with him constantly when he is at home. Every morning when I carry him down stairs he is already asking where his yellow bus is. Normally, he finds it right away. He typically remembers where he put it. On the days he doesn’t remember, nothing is right until he finds his yellow bus. He’ll say “Yellow Bus” over and over until we find it. Also, the Yellow Bus is the most common thing on Old MacDonald’s Farm (just ahead of Blue Truck).
- Speaking of yellow, Ryan point’s out everything yellow. Every yellow car we pass on the road is a yellow “truck.” And Ryan is especially pleased to see yellow school busses on the way to daycare every day.
- The ABC song never sounded as good as when Ryan sings it. He recently started singing the ABC song. He does really well. He can go through the whole thing. His version is unique in that “T-U-V” has become “TV-on”, which also happens to be one of his favorite phrases when in the living room and the TV is off.
- Ryan’s kisses. He always has to kiss you on both sides of the cheek. If you don’t offer up your other cheek, he says “other side.” He also recently started giving kisses on the nose, head, each eye, and other assorted places on your face. What a cutie.
- Whenever we go to brush teeth at night, Ryan now always says “Daddy sit down.” He wants me to sit on the floor with them while they brush their teeth. I usually comply.
- Whenever he has an especially bad diaper, he says “Almost done” to try to get me to finish as quickly as possible. He learned this because I would tell him I was almost done to make him feel better when changing these difficult diapers.
- Although it isn’t cute that Ryan wakes up at or before 7 am every morning (or at least not on weekends), it is cute how he says “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” every morning which we can hear on the baby monitor. Connor is a lot quieter, content to let Ryan inform us that they want to come downstairs. Whenever Ryan isn’t doing a good enough job and Connor feels he needs to get involved, he typically says “Mommy.”
- “Daddy wake up!” I used to here this when I would “play dead.” I now hear it whenever I even set my head down. I guess Ryan just wants to keep me on my toes.

Connor has his own set of cute traits.
- He still loves books. He especially loves some book which has little pop-out foam pieces which have pictures underneath. He often asks me to help him remove them because some of them are hard to take out (even for me!). Unfortunately, I think that book has pretty much bitten the dust. I’ve seen different pages of it strolled all over the place this weekend. I think it has finally fallen apart from overuse. I haven’t seen him do it too often lately, but he used to go sit in his little blue chair and start reading a book. He still does it occasionally and it is especially cute.
- Connor tries so hard. Whether it is climbing the stairs to a slide or climbing onto the couch, he gives it everything he has. He’s a very determined little boy.
- Connor loves ducks. He says “quack” whenever he sees a duck. I remember the days when, according to Ryan and Connor, the duck said “duck duck.” Ducks have now learned to quack. Connor also has a little ducky he now always wants when he is in Brandi’s car. He loves to feed the ducks (except when one of them gets his finger). Old MacDonald often has ducks on his farm (a nice break from all of the busses and trucks).
- Connor has the cutest laugh. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is cute.
- Connor loves his “Mommy.” It is unreal how much Connor is attached to his Mommy. If mommy is around, he wants to be with mommy.

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