Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter is finally here

Winter has finally come. For a day or two at least. Just enough to wreak a little havoc and make me grumble once again about how unfair it is that the rest of the world is covered in a blanket of white and us? Yeah. Nothing.

Absolutely nothing. Not even a good frost on the windshield. How can it be in teens and we don't even get to see just a lite sprinkling of the white stuff?

It was cold enough that we had to bundle the boys up in coats, hats, and mittens on the way to school Friday morning. And that they didn't even venture outside all day long. Poor teachers. :)

Ryan objected to the double pom pom hats and chose instead to wear a red hat with his new red mittens that he got for Christmas.

I don't know what he has against this hats. They are just so darn cute! I really love em. :) At least one baby appreciates them.

Remember that havoc I mentioned? This is it....
It's our sprinkler system backflow valve, or what's left of it anyways... On Friday we got a note from one of our co-workers about draining our sprinkler backflow valve. We didn't get around to doing it before it was far too dark outside to even attempt. And in truth I don't think we were too worried about it. It had frozen before without any dire consequences, right?? Well, we weren't quite so lucky this time. Sometime Saturday afternoon it blew a gasket and shot a geyser of water over 5 feet into the air. As the water hadn't even reached the street we don't think it ran too long before being noticed. Oops.

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