Thursday, January 21, 2010

Days to Remember

I am not sure I want to remember yesterday, and truthfully today isn't off to a great start either (bad, bad babies this morning). Though I am abundantly aware that it is all relative. There were no earthquakes. Not even major complaints on a toddler scale - no middle of the night wakening or other drama - just mildly uncooperative toddlers doing what they do best.

But there are so many little things that I know will be nothing more than a distant memory before long that I do want to remember. I want to remember that Ryan sang the entire ABC song yesterday all by himself. I was so proud of him. I also want to remember that he repeatedly said "q-r-s, tv on." in the middle of the song then would look excitedly towards the tv before going on. And that Ryan calls Connor "Tar Tar" and once upon a time Connor called Ryan "Cracker." And how excited Ryan was this week to show us that he could drink out of a cup all by himself. He dribbled a little once and immediately put his cup down, grabbed a paper towel and wiped it up. The sweet kisses they give. Connor gives big wet open mouth kisses and only on the mouth while he gently holds your cheeks. Ryan on the other hand gives a brief smooch on first one cheek then the other. And if you don't offer the second cheek he will tell you "other side!" Once in a while he will keep going - naming each part just before he kisses it "nose", "eyes", "head", and "hair". Such sweet, sweet memories.

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