Friday, January 29, 2010

Honk, Honk, Beep, Beep!

The Auto Show! On Thursday Kevin and I took the day off and headed down to check out the auto show.
Our first stop - a crazy detour by the $10 cheeseburger shop because Kevin was starving. :) When our order came out we discovered that they put them on a poppy seed buns of which I am not a big fan. After all kinds of hullabaloo I managed to get it swapped out for Ciabatta bread. So after we scarfed down the yummy fries we headed off to actually look at the cars!

Or SUVs in my case.... As my car is approaching it's 9th birthday I was really hoping to pick out a replacement for it at the show. We started off at the far end with Mazda - not a company I would have really thought to look at, but I really liked their CR-9.

It will definitely go on my to drive list as a real possibility. I liked the looks, real sized 3rd row seating that folds flat when not in use, rear a/c vents, a nicely styled interior, and all the amenities that were on my list. They also offer it in a great deep blue metallic color called Stormy blue that while I swore I would pick a different color for my new car might just have changed my mind.

After venturing through a few other vendors we came to Acura. In particular the Acura MDX. I fell in love with the MDX the first time I saw it at a car show several years ago. And sight un-seen the MDX was on my list of vehicles to consider.
The styling however has changed quite a bit since the first time I looked at it. And like Kevin, I am not fond of the "beak" looking front end. At first glance I wasn't impressed with the looks of the new dash, either, though maybe it will grow on me. The vehicle itself is still loaded with a whole host of amenities that were on my requirements list. So for now, at least, it will stay on the test drive list.

Another surprise for me came from GMC. I first saw the Acadia on the road a few weeks ago and made a mental note to make sure to take a look at it at the show.

And for those of you noticing a trend here - I am actually not a fan of white vehicles, but interestingly enough 3 of 4 top 4 were represented in white at the show.

I liked just about everything about the Acadia. I particularly liked the show's 2-2-3 setup with captains chairs in the second row and optional console in the middle. I have no idea where my nearest GMC dealer is, but they will be hearing from me about a test drive. :)

Of course this trip wasn't all work (picking out a new car is hard work you know!) We also admired some perennial favorites of mine, too. Like this nice Mini Convertible...

Kevin's focus at the show was a little different. He was helpful and thoughtful on likes/dislikes of the cars I was looking at, and a great sport at crawling in those 3rd row seat to help me determine if real people would fit or not. But his focus.... well... he looked at some different things.

Starting with this Nissan Cube. Think this could be the next nano-van??

I am not sure. It would have some stiff competition with the Honda Fit. He was pretty impressed with the roominess of this one.

But of course his favorite was the Corvette. I crawled into the passenger seat to check it out. If you don't mind being 2 inches off the ground and sitting in a car designed for it's sporty looks, not creature comforts I suppose it isn't a bad car for those without children. Though the boys probably would have enjoyed rolling around in it's larger than expected trunk like area behind the front row seats, I somehow don't think that would pass inspection.
I also enjoyed some of the oddities at the show. Like these alien looking headrests on one of the small economy cars or another.

And this robot from Ford was a hoot. I am not sure if there was someone behind the operations or not, but he was a real crowd pleaser. From posing to the paparazzi as he called us, to his observations of the "little humans" in the crowd.
And speaking of the "little humans" they are about the only ones I think Lotus had in mind with the cars they had on hand. They were tiny. I can't even imagine how a real person would slink down and contort themselves into one of these...

But my absolute show favorite had to be this pimped out tailgating truck. Called the Midnight Rider and supposedly inspired by Brooks and Dunn it came equipped with everything you could need to tailgate in style. From the BBQ grill, to the drink dispenser, condiment slots, speak system, t.v. and more.

Now that. That is the way to tailgate.

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