Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Gym

We took the boys to a free trial class at Little Gym this weekend. After they warmed up they really had fun.

We started off with a little circle time where we did introductions and some singing. Then we did some "stretching" where we marched in a big circle to the music. Pausing now and then to reach for the stars, touch our toes, pat our tummy, and find our elbows. Connor marched along. Ryan was trying to figure out what we were doing at the loony bin and held on for dear life. Then it was free play time - where they could run around and try out anything and everything they wanted to do. I think that went a long way in the warming up phase.

After that we learned how to do a forward roll both by ourselves and using a big rolling wheel. Connor wanted to push the wheel around, but he wasn't too sure about the whole rolling up, over, and then off the other side. He wouldn't duck his head to roll, but every time the teacher got closer he would move his hands leaving her holding his feet in the air and him walking around like a wheelbarrow. Ryan wasn't at all interested in the rolling -he took his requisite turn but preferred to extend free time by roaming around.

The next activity - parachute play definitely got both of their attention. It was a big circular parachute. Similar to stretching time we walked around in circles this time shaking the parachute or moving it from one side to the other. The boys LOVED it. Their favorite part was at the end where we all ran under it.

From there we moved onto the bars. The goal was to hold on to the bars and pick your feet up and swing. The boys monopolized the bars and learned things that I am sure will make me close my eyes and hold my breathe should I see them attempt it again anywhere else. The following exercise - climbing up onto a big step and jumping off the other side onto the mat didn't seem like a good idea either. The little daredevils really don't need any encouragement.

Luckily we moved on to ball play before long where they encouraged the kids to throw the balls, kick them or play basketball with them. The boys mainly took the balls and ran all over the gym with them until it was time to put them back up and get out the bubbles. They love chasing bubbles and trying to catch them in the air. Ryan was like a bulldozer plowing people over to get the bubbles.

Finally the class wrapped up with a little circle time, singing, and hand stamps on the way out the door.

I think the boys really enjoyed it.

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