Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moving News

Got a pleasant surprise from school today. It was a "Moving up" letter for Connor. Apparently he will be joining Ryan in the big kid class starting in February. I didn't expect him to move until at least March, so it was quite a surprise. I am sure the boys will be happy to be back together again.

Ryan is still not thrilled about the new class, but he has been a little chatterbox since Day 1. He's the youngest child in the class so I suspect with all the older kids talking all day he is picking up on it. He has started singing more and more words of songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old McDonald." Old MacDonald used to have cows, and lots of them on his farm. Now he has a whole slew of vehicles like yellow buses to help him, too. :)

The new class also went cold turkey on sippy cups and straight to plastic cups. Ryan is probably dehydrating given he seems to be spilling more on himself that he is likely drinking. I am sure he will get the hang of it before too long, but it was quite a surprise when I dropped by a little early the first day to pick him to up and walked in during snack time where they had set a cup of water down in front of him.

They are also working on getting him to try out the potty. He has had a "T" for try on his sheet at least once a day. Though they have commented that he definitely still prefers to be changed instead of going to the potty. I am hoping that seeing other kids going potty will encourage him to want to try more, too. I am not in any hurry, but he was getting pretty good at telling us when he had to potty before he went a while back.

Connor has shown us some new little quirks of his own in recent days, too. He has started to say "No" to everything and shakes his head while doing so. The funny part is that he also peeks out under his lashes and grins when he says it. It's really cute.

Connor seems to be taking the changes at school mostly in stride. I don't think he really understands what is happening, but he just seems curious, not really upset about it all. He has been quite a trooper. I hope he holds up as well when it is his time to join the new class.

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