Friday, November 11, 2011

Pumpkins for Christmas?

Would it be wrong to consider using a picture of the kids with pumpkins as my Christmas card   photo?

Yeah... I figured...

And, yes, I am already thinking about Christmas.  I am also well aware that it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  But there are simply not enough hours in the day or days in the week.  And normally I whine and complain about how early the stores put out Christmas, but come on Walmart!  It's November!!  Where are the Christmas books?!?!  

I have been thinking about what I might want to do for a Christmas advent this year.  The boys are old enough to be really excited about it so I have been stocking up on books, movies, and thinking about fun activities, food (snowman pancakes!?!), and even some awesome road trips (festival of lights, polar express train).  Not to mention breaking out the elf on shelf and having him get up to some hijinks (I see that elf microphone in our future!)

It's still a few more weeks!  It's ONLY a few more weeks!  :)  Are you ready yet?

PS.  I don't know how I missed Prep and Landing on t.v., but I am so excited about the movie!  And just a tad bit miffed that I have to wait until November 22nd to see it!!  I am also excited to see the new Arthur Christmas release coming out in a few weeks, too.

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