Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advent Books - Countdown to Christmas

Uh, huh... We definitely need to keep an eye on that elf.

Apparently while the boys were sleeping Elfie made his report to Santa and then came back, drug out and relocated one of the Christmas trees to the boys' room and wrapped up a whole pile of books to help the boys countdown to Christmas.

He then took up a new position in the branches of the tree to keep an eye on things today.

He left a note for the boys telling them that they could unwrap one book every night from now until Christmas.  And he already knows them well enough to know they could NEVER wait until tonight to open one so he left one unwrapped for them to read this morning.

And I was right, that elf definitely had plans for the new bookshelves.  He relocated all the books that were upstairs and replaced them with Christmas books.

After we read the Little Elf book Elfie left for us we read 3 others from the book shelf.

I don't know how he managed to get it all done in just one night - it must be the Christmas magic!  Because if I had to do it all myself I would have been up until 1:30 in the morning just wrapping all those books!  :)  Not to mention finding the tree, and hauling it all the way to the boys room.

And I am sooo surprised that he didn't wake the boys up as he banged around crashing into all kinds of things as he dragged the stand, the tree, and all those books in.  Not to mention moving the dresser to plug the tree in.  He even broke an ornament getting the tree in through the bathroom door.  It crashed on to the floor just inches away from Ryan and both of the boys slept right through all the commotion.  Daddy kept right on snoring, too.  Apparently mommy was the only one who heard a thing... :)

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  1. maybe Elfie should have asked grannie to help after all she carried that tree all the way up the stairs without breaking a single ornament...if only she lived closer, she could have really enjoyed seeing all of elfies magic efforts! WOW!



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