Friday, November 4, 2011

Lightening McQueen and TOW Mater

The boys had been looking forward to Halloween for weeks.  Ryan said from the start that he wanted to be Lightening McQueen.  Connor vacillated from Nemo, to Mater, to Sheldon (Nemo), to Mater and even Holley (Cars2).  As it has been so long since the Nemo movie came out the stores have all but stopped carrying anything Nemo - even Disney.  So I was relieved when we went into the store and he picked out Mater not once, but twice in a row. 

Needless to say they were super excited when Halloween finally rolled around.  They donned their costumes and headed off to school for the costume parade.  That afternoon they had their Halloween party.  I came by the for the party and then took the boys with me when it was over.  We stopped by work, wished folks a Happy Halloween, and shared some of our Halloween treats.  After an early dinner and some play time at their favorite Chick-a-lay we headed home to put our costumes on once again and get the trick or treating started.

They were both so excited to get started.  They dashed up to the door, with Ryan in the lead, and Connor following behind already shouting “TRICK OR TREAT!!”  After a little scuffle over who was going to ring the doorbell (both of them, twice.) it was finally time.  As soon as Connor saw someone at the door he resumed his former shouts of Trick or Treat while Ryan stayed  silent, but quickly offered up his bag for treats.  And that’s pretty much how it went for the rest of the night. 

After they got candy we reminded the boys to say “Thank You!  Happy Halloween.”  In all the trick or treating excitement Connor began saying “Happy Trick or Treat” as he walked up to the door.  Connor also tried some sly candy snagging tricks – for the people who wanted to put something in his basket directly he started pulling the basket away and as they would bend over to try to get it into his basket he would reach into the candy dish instead.  I don’t think it was intentional, but we got quite a laugh out of it.  And for the people without the bowl when they would try to put something in his basket he would tell them which 1 he wanted.  At one house the guy tried to give Connor a purple pixie stick and 2 or 3 other pieces of candy, but Connor was quite adamant “Just the purple one!” and wouldn’t let him put anything except the pixie stick in his bucket.  He didn’t seem to quite grasp the concept that it was okay if they handed him more than one, but if they let him pick that he should just get one.  Connor enforced the 1 candy rule either way.  Ryan had no such qualms.  If they told him to take a handful they didn’t have to tell him twice.  :)

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  1. We just let my boys watch cars for the first time last month and they are all about lightning McQueen and Mater. They call the "Keem and Keem Buddy" though. Don't know where they get these things.



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