Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cars Lunch

While Ryan was glued to the tv watching Cars 2 for the upteenth million time since it came out on DVD two weeks ago I started making lunch.

Nothing special... Just sandwiches.  "Baby sandwiches" as the boys would call them.  I began making them as Lightening McQueen and Francesco Bernoilli raced across the finish line in the background.  And I remembered that somewhere in the heap of stuff yet to be put up that there were checkered flag picks that I picked up some time ago for something another.

So I found them.  And embellished the mini sandwiches.  Which then began multiplying.

And inviting friends to come along... Reminding them to get gussied up, too....

And before I knew it I had a whole plate full.  Complete with french onion dip for dipping, too.

And another satisfied customer chomping at the bit to dig in...

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