Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ryan's Big Day

I don't know how parents manage to keep up with half a dozen kids and even more activities.  The boys are just doing swim lessons and playing soccer (same time, same place) and just 4 days a week and I am exhausted!  I long to see my house in daylight.  And I am getting really tired of fast food. 

But then there are days like today where I am reminded, again, that it's all worth it.  Ryan swam for the first time today.  Just a few feet, but he did it.  As he was swimming back towards me in class I pantomimed putting his head and the water and he did it.  After that something just clicked and he just started putting his head underwater and swimming.  I was so proud of him!  I couldn't have been more excited.

Though he was funny - as he swam towards his teacher he would keep his head up and as he swam back towards me he would put his face in the water.

He must be part blond, too.  He might be able to walk, talk, and chew gum (if we ever gave him any), but he had quite a time trying to remember to put his face in the water, blow bubbles, move his arms, and his legs all at the same time.  Several times he put his hands out as far as he could reach in front of him and just left them there while he kicked his feet and put his head under.  Other times his arms would move slowly, but his feet would stop all together.  I couldn't help but laugh while I coached, clapped, and cheered from the sidelines.  Way to go RY!!!

And no, thanks to the Y's silly no photo policy I don't have a single photo to share of the momentus occasion so you will just have to take my word for it.  It was AWESOME!

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