Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hyatt Lost Pines - Labor Day 2011

What we did at Hyatt Lost Pines over the Labor Day weekend:
  • Rode a train
  • Played in the splash pad
  • Checked out the baby pool
  • Waded through the beach pool
  • Floated in the lazy river
  • Zipped down the water slide
  • Flopped on the slip-n-slide.
  • Savored a seafood buffet and drooled over the dessert bar complete with chocolate fountains
  • Broke out the glo necklaces, bracelets, and squishies to light up the night
  • Watched part of a movie on the lawn
  • Made Smores
  • Stood within 10 feet of a skunk and it’s babies.
  • Picnic’d on the patio
  • Killed a bee
  • Fed the squirrels
  • Searched for butterflies
  • Plucked a flower
  • Petted the donkeys
  • Spied the llamas
  • Spotted a prickly pear cactus
  • Took a walk
  • Played teather ball
  • Shot some hoops
  • Searched for fish in the Colorado River
  • Rode a Longhorn (Ribeye)
  • Sat on a horse (Julius?  Ceasar?  The rich one. :))
  • Gagged on tea flavored popsicles.  YUCK!  No more blind taste tests!
  • Jumped in a bouncy castle
  • Rolled in a tunnel
  • Played Air Hockey
  • Watched people learn new dance moves
  • Colored a fish, a skunk, and Sponge Bob Square Pants
  • Tried to walk with monster feet
  • Ate at an awesome Mexican restruant down the road
  • Rolled around in a human gerbil ball
  • Floated in the lazy river, again.
  • Listened to a crazy band playing live music about monkeys who got eaten by a crocodile and some sort of silly snake with easter egg rattlers.
  • Watched Rango in a ballroom
  • Took a carriage ride
  • Played on a playground
  • Rode a tricycle
  • Ate popsicles
  • Swam in the lazy river until we were well past pruned.
  • Relaxed by the pool.
  • Caused a tsunami on the water slide.
  • Saw helicopters flying overhead with buckets of water.
  • Saw giant plumes of smoke from out of control wild fires.
  • Watched a helicopter fill up with water from a pond.
Other than the wildfire part we had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

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