Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost Pines in Pictures Labor Day Weekend: Day 1

We got to the hotel around 1pm, got checked-in, changed into our swimsuit and then headed off to explore on our way to the pool.

Along the way we happened to see the train.  The boys were super excited to take a ride.

They each picked out their favorite colored car and hopped right in.

As we rode Connor waved to everyone we passed and got a little miffed if they didn't wave back.  :)

After our ride we continued on towards the pool, taking a few pictures as we went.

The boys found the splash pad almost immediately and headed straight for the fountains.

After picking out a spot to dump our stuff we suited the boys up in their floaties and headed off to swim in the pool and lazy river.

We found some baby tubes for the boys as we headed into the river, but the boys didn't stay in them for more than a second or two before they decided that they would rather just swim.

So round and round we went enjoying the current ushering us along on our circuit.

The boys swam, splashed, and started a squirting war.

After a few trips around the river we finally decided we had better get the prunes out.

While Kevin went in search of snacks the kids and I just chilled in the pool chairs under our umbrella.

After snacks we made a few more circuits and then decided we had better head back to change, eat, and then get ready for smores and movies on the lawn.

We had quite a wait at dinner and ended up missing both the smore wagons and the better part of the movie.  Though the boys weren't terribly interested in the movie.  They were far more interested in playing with their glo necklaces, bracelets and squishies.

Luckily the activity desk had smores packages that you could pick up and still make your own in front of the fire.  So we did.  Kevin helped each of the boys make a smore.

As the boys ate their smores we happened to see a skunk and her babies sitting just off in the grass near the smores fire.  Given how brave people were getting super close to the skunk and taking flash pictures it was a wonder no one got sprayed.  Not wanting to press our luck with the skunks, and realizing that it was well past the boys' bedtime we headed back to our room to call it a day.  We were all out pretty much as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

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