Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost Pines in Pictures Labor Day Weekend: Day 2

We started Day 2 off with a picnic breakfast on the patio as we watched people playing in the courtyard below and a squirrel scampering around on the roof across the way.

Afterwards we set out to explore more of the resort. 

We searched for butterflies in the butterfly meadow.  But alas we didn't find any.

While some of us were looking for butterflies some other rather guilty looking short person plucked a pretty flower off a bush.

As we rounded the corner towards the hummingbird garden the boys immediately spied the donkeys.

The boys were excited to pet them gently.

And even more excited when they discovered the "LLAMA, LLAMAS!!!"  (from the book series - "Llama, Llama Misses Momma", "Llama, Llama's Red Pajamas", "Llama, Llama Mad at Momma.")

"Look!  It's a cactus!!"  "It has sharp points so we don't touch [shakes head no]."

Then we headed down the path towards the river past the disc golf course that we played last time.

Connor found the tether ball and was excited to throw it and then run before it hit him in the back, again.  :)

We also spent a few minutes shooting some hoops.  Though I firmly believe there is something wrong with this goal because neither Connor or I made a single shot.  :)

And it was not for lack of trying.

After all that hard playing we stopped in the shade for a few minutes to rest before heading on.

We were surprised at the level of the Colorado River.  Given the drought we have been having here in Texas we wouldn't have been surprised to see it as little more than a trickle, but it didn't really even look all that low.

The boys climbed down to the dock and searched for imaginary fish in the water.  :)

As we raced up the stairs back to resort level we spotted a longhorn and one of the horses. 

The boys of course couldn't wait to sit in the saddle and pet them.

We also made a stop by the activity room for the popsicle taste test.  I gave Connor a popsicle and was surprised when he didn't really seem to want it after one lick.  I picked up another one and gave it Ryan who also promptly gave it back to me.  I told the boys fine if they didn't want to eat their popsicles I would.  And took a BIG lick of the popsicle only to gag at the taste of a tea flavored popsicle.  YUCK!!

Thankfully the other surprises in the activity room were much more pleasant.

The boys of course had to try out the bounce house.

And roll around in the tunnel.

And after a bit of a wait a fast paced game of air hockey.

They also watched as some of the other kids learned some new dance moves.

And then stopped to color pictures of a fish, and a skunk (so appropriate given our late night smores guests of the night before!)

Ryan also found the giant feet and practiced marching around in them.

After a nice lunch at Jalisco's just down 71 (AWESOME Mexican food, BTW - highly recommend!), we went back to the room for a nap. 

When the boys got up we changed into our swim suits and headed towards the pool. 

Along the way we saw the giant human gerbil balls on the main lawn and waited in line for our turn.

The boys took turns running inside and pushing each other around.

We finally made it back to the pool and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, floating, and racing down the slide.

As we headed back to the main hotel we stopped and sat down and listened to some live music about monkeys who were eaten by a crocodile and some silly song about a rattling snake in which all the kids got to provide musical accompaniment.  Some better than others... :)

When we got back to our room to change for smores and the movie we found a note saying that they wouldn't be having smores and the movie was being moved into the Baron's ballroom as they were short staffed due to the wildfires in nearby Bastrop.  It was the first we had heard of the fires.

The boys enjoyed the movie Rango - except for the scary snake part - and of course the popcorn, too.  :)

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