Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 year old soccer

3 year old soccer is AWESOME.

We had our first practice tonight and the boys absolutely LOVED it.  I think I was just as excited as they were.  :)

They met their coach (Coach Chris) and team for the first time and were off to the races.

I was absolutely amazed at how well all the kids listened and did what the coach asked them to do, but especially proud of Ryan and Connor for doing such a good job.  They were almost always the first ones to listen and do what they were asked!  Way to go, boys!

Ryan did a great job of kicking the ball down the field and putting it in the goal.  He was the first one to dribble all the way down the field and score the first time they did it.  Way to go, Ryan!

Both of the boys actually did a surprisingly good job of kicking the ball.  Ryan would occasionally use his hands for a little course correction, but for the most part did it all with his feet.  Connor, while slow and steady, still managed to shoot his goals as well though he was a little more liberal with his touching.  Getting him not to touch the ball with his hands in a game is definitely going to be a challenge.  :)

When practice was over both of the boys exclaimed loudly as we walked back to the car that they had had a really good time and were looking forward to practicing with their soccer team, again.

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