Sunday, July 19, 2009

Waterfalls, trains, and BBQ?

We took the boys to Valley Ranch BBQ today for lunch. We sat right in front of the big waterfall topped with stuffed dead animals. That's right - indoor waterfall, and dead stuffed things. Doesn't your local BBQ place have amenities like that? No? Hmm... What about a train that hangs from the ceiling and circles the whole restaurant? No? Then you really are missing out.

The food was much better than I remembered, and the boys loved watching the train. Ryan pointed to it and waved every time it came around. But the best thing ever? Whole corn on the cob. I actually tasted my food. I had a few minutes to sit around leisurely sipping my water. They loved it. Ryan actually did a great job eating his corn. He gnawed the cob practically clean. Connor wasn't quite as aggressive, and he kept trying to stuff the whole end in his mouth. Unfortunately we didn't think to bring our cameras so we didn't get a single picture of their first corn on the cob. :) I know you are truly heartbroken, but take my word for it it was actually very cool to see them try something new, learn how to hold it, and learn how to eat it. They did such a good job I was so proud of them.

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