Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swimming with our friend Caden

We had a swim date with our friends John, Sharon and Caden today at our neighborhood pool. It was Caden's first time in the pool. Unfortunately the pumps to the water play area were down today so he didn't get to see the pool in full action. That didn't slow the boys down much though. They ran around as usual and even decided to try out a few new things today. Connor investigated some little spouts around the edge of the pool. And both boys decided to give the crawl through tunnel a try, too. Ryan and I played peek-a-boo and chase in the tunnel. Ryan would come looking for me, and when I popped out he would laugh and do the crawfish (backing up) so he was just out of reach as I jumped in and chased after him.

Ryan loves the slide. He slides down and then runs around to do it again about as fast as his little legs will propel him in the water, and back up the tower. Connor slid a few times, too, though he hasn't figured out how to come down so that he doesn't get drowned by the water at the bottom.

Thanks to John and Sharon the boys also tried out a water float. Technically it was meant for one baby, but since Kevin put Ryan in backwards the area for the baby to splash in wasn't needed so we dropped Connor in there as a stowaway and surprisingly the boat didn't sink. :)

Connor did eventually try out a crab like Cadens, but I was too busy chasing him around I didn't get single picture. :) The boys really had a good time in the floats, and it was really nice of John, Sharon, and Caden to think of them. We will definitely be using them again. Thanks guys!

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