Saturday, July 18, 2009

Playing In the Rain

The boys and I played in the rain today. On purpose. And we got WET. It was fun. At first the boys stayed on the front porch watching curiously as the rain came down. They giggled in delight as the gusty winds shifted a little sending the rain pelting on to the front porch on to them. At first it was just a mist from the rain splattering down, gradually growing to full fledged drops as the winds picked up blowing the driving rain our direction. As the storm eased with the worst of it past I ventured out on to the front walk. And they followed. It didn't take long for Ryan to spy the rapidly flowing water heading down the driveway into the street. He ran in the fastest moving channel. His little bare feet sending the water splashing with each and every step. Connor wasn't far behind. They both ended up in at the curb in front of our driveway where the water drained out of our yard, from our gutter, and down the driveway into the street on its way to the big drain at the end of the street. They stomped. They splashed. They smiled. And they laughed. So much joy to be found in something so simple.

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