Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 17 Months Boys!

Happy 17 months boys!

They are growing up far too fast. They amaze me everyday with the things they have learned. They know lots of critters now - cow, horse, pig, frog, cat, dog, duck, lion, tiger, bear, bird, fish, butterfly, bee, grasshopper, snake, caterpillar, dinosaur, rabbits, etc. They can point them out in books. They know the sounds they make. They know most of their body parts, too. They can point out their head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, shoulders, tummy, belly button, knees, feet, and toes. Their vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. Ryan is doing especially well picking up new words - he can say mama, dadda, banana, more, duck, ball, off, out, go, shoe, no, please, milk, water, car, hi, bye bye, and I am sure there are others I am forgetting. He is also doing a great job trying to repeat the things you say. They are also both signing. They can sign eat, more, milk, water, please, banana, all done, bird, butterfly, dog, and diaper.

They seem to understand most of what we tell them and are really becoming great little helpers. They put their shoes and clothes up every day. They help pick up their toys for the most part, too. At school they help clean up the tables and put things in the trash. They love carrying their school bags, too. They hold my hands and walk into and out of school. They give hugs, they blow kisses. They share when they want to, and often bring each other toys and try to offer comfort if the other one is upset.

We seem to have reached a lull in the teething department. Ryan is holding steady with 12 teeth. I think the next to come for him will be his "eye teeth" the pointy fangs. Connor finally had his outside bottom teeth break through the gums about a week ago, bringing him up to 12 as well.

They are both getting quite proficient at opening doors, and things that were once safely out of reach are unexpectedly within their grasp. And what they can't accomplish alone they are learning to do together. We are in so much trouble... :)

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