Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get Well Soon

My family is notoriously bad about telling me about the general state of their health until well after the fact in the vast majority of cases. And I am not talking about an ingrown toe nail, or a runny nose. I mean little things like surgery, emergency room visits, and a hospitalization or two. While they are getting better I still never cease to be amazed. Like Monday when my mom tried to casually mention something about taking my Grandmother to the hospital on Tuesday for some sort of run of the mill procedure. Like an angiogram or a little angioplasty. Warranted due to calcium scores in what sounds like the mildly alarming range.

So I called my Grandmother bright and early Tuesday morning to harass her shamelessly about not telling me and get the scoop. She was woefully unhelpful at answering my questions that I would think everyone would want to know like "How long is it going to take?" and "Do they knock you out?" She did however provide enough fodder to keep me entertained - "They go in where? Are you sure about that? How do they get there from there? That's a long way from your heart. Let's hope they don't get lost or take a wrong turn." And of course she knew all about the lodging requirements - "If they find something you have to stay." :)

So come Tuesday afternoon I got the equivalent of tweets from my mom. At check-in. Still at check-in. Yep, still here. They are carting her off. Found the beavers. Putting in a stint. She should be in recovery by now. I think they misplaced her. And so on.

From all accounts she is doing great. And I know with a get well card like this one she should be all better in no time.

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