Monday, May 18, 2009

The delivery

To say that the delivery didn’t go quite as expected would be a gross understatement. Don’t laugh too hard, but I envisioned walking in the doors, handing the kids the cards and having them go to the appropriate people cards in hand, smiles on, and handing the cards over. They would then beam proudly at having completed their task and bask in all the Thank Yous and Good jobs as they have done at home half a million times.

Dear boys,
Should you ever consider a job for UPS or any other delivery service, please don’t be too offended when I remind you of this day and suggest you reconsider.

So what really happened? We made it from the car to the front lobby without incident. They even stayed in place as I let go of both their little hands while I dug out the right cards. I handed over the cards, and they took my hands again as we headed for the first door. As I let go of Ryan to open the door he began to bolt. But I was faster. I managed to grab him with my now free hand, while catching the door with my toe. I was able to get the door open and both of them headed inwards. And this is where everything went wrong. They both started crying. Connor sat down. Ryan began backing up. Keep in mind I am still propping the door open with a toe, holding their school bag in one hand, and still trying to usher both of them inside the door. Chaos erupted. I can only imagine what a sight we must have been.

The next few seconds is a bit of a blur, but I do recall Mrs. Estell came to the rescue and picked Connor up, while I managed to push Ryan into the room enough so that the door could close behind us blocking off most routes of escape. There were still copious tears and woeful cries. I did finally manage to get Ryan to head over and deliver his card. He came running back and latched on to me as the tears began again. I picked him up, and could see Connor reluctantly hand over his card to Mrs. Gayle. She set him down to see him walk and the tears began in earnest again. In the end I carried both boys out of the Infant room sniffling with tear stained faces.

We made our way across the hall and into our classroom. After a minute or two I set Ryan down and after I pried his little fingers off of mine he headed off without even looking back. Connor on the other hand had a death grip on my shirt and his little thighs were holding onto me as if for dear life. I dug out Ms. Alice’s card, called Ryan back and asked him to deliver it to her. He headed towards one of the other helpers, dropped the card, but then recovered and delivered it exactly as asked – right to Ms. Alice’s hands with a smile on his face at a job well done. I wiped the last remnants of Connors tears and after another minute or two managed to hand Connor off to Ms. Alice without incident. Ryan who had been playing with a giant beach ball came towards me as I was walking out the door, hands in the air. I picked him up, gave him kisses, and quick hug, and sent him after the ball while quietly saying goodbye and bolting for the door.

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  1. Expecting one child at age 1 to do what you want is not too likely, but two? I bet you really appreciate your Mom more now, because even with just one child you still have those moments. Mary



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