Friday, May 8, 2009

Afternoon Tea Party

Daycare had a Mother's Day Tea Party. I would like to say it was nice quiet civilized affair where I got to meet some of the other Moms and had a splendid afternoon enjoying some refreshments and chatting away while the kids played happily. I think that's how someone envisioned it.

In reality I walked in 5 minutes late because I had to park half a mile from the school because there was absolutely no parking. When I arrived the cupcake demolition had already begun. The boys were already wearing half of theirs. There were only 3 other moms in attendance. Though in their defense at least two of the other Mom's had older children and took their younger children with them to the bigger kids classroom. I didn't get to meet a single one.

I spent most of the time trying to get Connor to sit back down and keep his brownie and icing covered hands off of me (I love you, too, sweetie, but please finish your snack (and get cleaned up!) before you give me hugs!), while simultaneously trying to get Ryan to stop trying to steal the other children's food, quit throwing his sippy cup, stop trying to eat the food off the floor, and in general stay out of trouble. And I would say it was a whopping 2 minutes after I arrived when everyone else left - run out by the chaos and the icing clad hands I imagine. And unless you count the chocolate brownie on my pants and the water spot from Ryan's sippy after the valve dislodged after he threw it for the umpteenth time I didn't even get to enjoy some nice refreshment.

Despite all that I was glad I made it in time to see the chocolate covered smiles of delight when I walked in the door. They don't give those half eaten cake bite smiles to just anyone you know. They save those Just. For. Me. Because I am their Mom of course. And I love them bedecked in cake and all. :)

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