Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another stop on the quest

The quest? You didn't know we were on a quest? Well, we are. It's a quest to find the coolest playground around. Thus far we have visited 6 playgrounds in or around our neighborhood. We started the day off today with a visit to yet another nearby playground this morning after breakfast. And this was one cool looking playground. And the crazy part? Okay, well just one of a number of crazy things really - we spent an hour and didn't even get to check out the whole thing! A repeat visit to see the other side of the playground is definitely in order.

Another one of those crazy things I mentioned? Despite having a crocodile stairway, mystery tunnel hideaway, slides galore, a bridge, fire truck, climbing slide, a rocking dinosaur and so much more guess what the kids wanted to play with? Mulch. Seriously. So much to see, so much to do, but they chose to run around, pick up, throw, and eat the mulch as numero uno. Perhaps we don't have enough toys? Because it doesn't appear that they know what they are or what to do with them. :)

Through sheer determination on our part we did finally convince them to try out at least a couple of the main attractions, aside from the mulch that is. Ryan showed us his sliding skills - schooching his way to the edge of the platform and propelling himself down. Connor, going for style points showed us a variety of slide techniques including a blind on the belly slide. Thank goodness he stopped before he flew off the end without even realizing an abrupt stop was coming.

Ryan driving the firetruck

Ryan Climbing the stairs

Ryan sliding down the slide

And finally, Connor playing at the top for a few minutes. Then going back to eating mulch...

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