Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am so proud of you!

This evening I was sitting in the chair with the boys thinking about going to dinner. I asked the boys where their shoes and socks were. Ryan immediately got down. I assumed he was just going off to play. A few seconds later he returned with one of his shoes. I asked him where the other shoe was and off he went. He disappeared out of sight again and before long he came back with the other shoe. I figured it was probably a fluke, but I asked if he knew where Connor's shoes were and off he went again. A few seconds later he came back with both of Connor's shoes, too!

Half jokingly I asked if he knew where his socks were. Off he went. And lo and behold - when he came back he had both of his socks! I asked for Connor's socks and off he went again. He looked for a while, but apparently couldn't find them. He grabbed Daddy's shoes instead. It was just so cute and I was so amazed. He's gone looking for things and brought them back before, but not typically things that are out of sight or things I am not pointing to.

What a smart, and helpful little guy!

Not to be outdone at dinner time Connor surprised me by drinking out of a straw. He has tried once or twice before, but he really got it this time and did so well! I always tell the boys "Good Job" when they do something like that, and they have both started clapping every time I say it. So tonight at dinner Connor would take a drink out of the straw I would smile and enthusiastically say "Good job!" and he would clap. Ryan joined in on the clapping, too. So cute.

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