Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monet Perhaps?

Check out these masterpieces the boys brought home with them yesterday. :)

I really love Ryan's. It reminds me of one of those Psychology tests you see on tv where they are asking you what these meaningless blobs of paint look like to you. So what do you see?

Me? I see a giant fish, mouth open, poised to devour something. Or maybe an angry lobster, pinchers clenched. I am not sure I want to know what that says about me... :)

Connor's kinda reminds me of giraffe sticking his tongue out at you.

But when I turned it upside down I saw a spider with hairy legs. Eww!

Of course I had turn Ryan's upside down, too. I think it looks like some sort of orangutan with his hands clasped together.


  1. When I saw Ryan's I thought of a butterfly or colorful moth. And Connor's makes me think of a fluffy dog. I bet they had fun making those!

  2. Well, I could never be a psychologist. I can see feathers on Ryan's and maybe upside down I can see a peacock. Now Connor's, I can see the giraffe and can't get past that. But hey, there's potential here. One of them might be the next Picaso. Who knows?



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