Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Lunch & Fun with Food

I have no idea how people manage to pack lunches every.single.day.  For themselves & for their kids!   Not only is it time consuming, it's also really hard for my poor brain to come up with ideas for more than just turkey sandwiches.  And burritos.  Because my mom made me homemade burritos almost every day for all 6 years of elementary school.  Hey - at least I was easy!  She didn't have to wrack her brains to come up with something new. 

Nevermind.  I wouldn't either if I just let my kids pick.  They would happily eat homemade lunchables in easter eggs for the rest of their life - like we took to school at Easter.

Maybe with a fish lunch thrown in from time to time to keep Connor happy.  That kid loves tunafish.  And there is nothing better than fish shaped tunafish.  Except maybe easter egg lunchables.  It might be a toss.

And even I was impressed with those fish shaped eggs.  Seriously coolest thing ever.  I never knew you could shape eggs.  Just looking at that lime jello is making my mouth water.  There is definitely more jello in our future.  :)

A couple of weeks ago I picked up some sort of Hawaiian pineapple chicken meatballs when I wandered through Costco.  They were actually pretty good - and the kids loved the combination of just a little sweet and savory, too. 

And dressed up with leftover flower picks from when we celebrated the boys' 3rd birthday party at the Rainforest cafe and cheese couldn't hurt either.  :)  They are my children after all... Ooohhh.... Pretty!  :)

So needless to say when it was time for bring your own lunch day again, with leftover meatballs in the fridge and a handful of monkey picks leftover too it wasn't hard to guess what the kids would be having.

I alternated meat balls and apricots & threw in some grapes, and some more hunks of cheese in a cute little turtle shaped silicone cup, as well as some nilla wafers. 
  Connor was so excited about his lunch he asked his teacher every 10 minutes all morning long if it was time to eat his lunch yet. That's why he's my sweetheart. :)   And because he appreciates things like this -  

Orange flowers and nutrigrain bars - for quick breakfast on the run.

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