Monday, August 27, 2012

Personalized Water Bottles

Another item on the list at our new school was water bottles.  Like everyone else the first bottles we took to school were the Cars & Cars 2 insulated thermos bottles.  Unfortunately with so many folks having the exact same bottles it only took a few days for one of ours to go missing and I am sure a fair amount of shared cooties to boot. 

So in the hopes of not losing any more water bottles I made personalized Scooby Doo and Cars designs to fit our old design your own straw sippy cups.  The unique designs made it much easier for the kids to spot their bottles.  On the downside however the sippy cup insulation just didn't keep water very cold - particularly when left outside in 100 degree heat and as school lets the kids fill their own bottles we would occasionally get a soggy design home at the end of the day when the kids inadvertently unscrewed the wrong part or were a little haphazard in their filling.  

So I really wanted to find something like the thermos bottles, but in unique designs.  Luckily I stumbled across the option to design your own Thermos bottles over at Cafe Press.  And by ordering two bottles & using a coupon from a previous order I was able to get them for about $14 - the same price or just a dollar or two more than the typical Cars designs.

And I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out.  I uploaded my favorite black and white pics of the boys and was pleasantly surprised to have them come out even better than I expected!  The boys of course were thrilled to discover their pictures on their bottles as well.  And they were a big hit at school.  We have had them for a few months now and the designs have held up amazingly well.  They have a scratch or two here and there, but for being used day in an day out for several months and dragged all over school, the playground, and even through some roughhousing in the sandbox they are in great shape and should definitely last for a while to come.

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