Friday, March 4, 2011

Lost my Marbles

I totally lost my marbles. There is simply no other explanation. It all started in band camp... Wait. I wasn't in the band. And I can't save a musical instrument to save my life.

It actually all started with procrastination. You see it's rough to have a February birthday. In most parts of the country it would simply be too cold to even contemplate doing something outside. But here? Where we live? The end of February can range anywhere from fozen popsicle all the way up to the mid 70s. With one one day, and the other the next. And sometimes even on the same day. You know the saying - if you don't like the weather in Texas hang around a few minutes and it will change. Or something like that? I am sure someone said it. They might even have been famous.

So while I was trying to decide if I should be insane enough to risk an outdoor birthday party like the Old McDonalds farm fiasco of '10... What you don't remember that one? We had decided to go to Old McDonalds farm for their birthday, invitations had been sent, RSVPs received, and I watched the weather - 10 day forecast, 7 day forecast, 5 day forecast... it became apparent that the weather was going to be on the hairy edge. Starting off in the upper 50's to low 60's, and warming up to a respectable high in the 70's later in the afternoon. But was showing a chilly 58 when our party was scheduled to start at 11am. So at the last minute I called frantically to every indoor venue I could think of and booked a bounce house instead 3 days before the party.

We later went to the farm just for the day and had an absolute blast. So as I was once again trying to decide whether we should risk it or not and if we did what our back-up plan would be I had an epiphany. Nemo. Fish. The Aquarium? Moody Gardens? A few hours later I had my heart set on the aquarium at Moody Gardens. Only when I emailed them they didn't have availability on the date I wanted. But they did in early March. So we decided to have the boys' party there this year.

Only there was this one little disturbing line - 32 people. MAX. Including adults. No matter how I sliced it we wouldn't be able to invite everyone we wanted to in the event that even half of them accepted. So I hatched a hair brained idea. We would do a toddler party at Moody Gardens, and then have everyone else join us at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner afterwards. It sounded like a swell plan so I booked Moody Gardens. And then I called the Rainforest. And you know where this is going right... No where good...

It turns out the weekend we picked was a double whammy. Not only was it the end of Mardi Gras in Galveston it was also the start of spring break, and wait for it... the start of a huge cheerleading competition, too. Because that's just my luck, right?

So I called everywhere. There wasn't a single place that would take reservations, or wasn't already booked. So we moved on to plan B, C, D, E, and then I think to F.

And that's where this story picks up... Getting ready to celebrate the boys' birthday with Kevin's family at the Rainforest Cafe. Which meant rainforest themed cake and goodie bags.

And I had way too much fun with these.

Seriously? Adorable.

I want one!

And I don't even like Tootsie rolls. But I totally planned to use them to make a road on the Lightening McQueen cake I was going to make for the boys' birthday. Which thankfully I will now be spared from making. Plan F remember?

So then there were the cupcakes. Which Sams doesn't make anymore by the way. No cupcakes? You have to be kidding me. Thankfully Costco still does. Though the bakery lady thought I was far too high maintenance. I wanted a Cars theme (rings), on the side, hold the mess. But in more than 2 colors, okay? No. Why not??? After 10 minutes we finally agreed on something I could live with.

Don't ask... really you don't want to know. So when I came to pick them up the rings were no where to be seen. So I asked for them? And well... umm... we don't have any. That's why they aren't in the bag. Thank goodness I hadn't be planning to actually use the cars rings on these particular cup cakes. Because I had other plans for them. Rainforest theme, remember?

Sooo cute! I love these picks, too.

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