Saturday, October 8, 2011

SeaWorld - Part I: Under the Sea

We recently took the boys on their first trip to SeaWorld.  3 days and 1400 pictures later we made our way home.  Our feet thankful for the respite, our new baby Shamu lovies tucked under our arms, and so many memories to remember it by.

I haven't been to SeaWorld since I was a kid.  And mostly what I remembered was Shamu, the dolphins, and a whole world of undersea creatures.

Though what I don't remember was being so close to it all.  Actually being able to touch and feed all kinds of animals.  One of the boys' favorite things to do each day as we came in was to visit the stingray tank and pet the baby stingrays.

Though the stingrays weren't the only animals the boys had the opportunity to pet.  I was amazed by the dolphin feeding and petting tank.

Though the boys didn't actually get to touch a dolphin they did get to see the dolphins up close.

And even got to feed them two small baskets of fish.

The boys also got to see the aquariums - always one of our favorites anywhere we go.

We were also lucky enough to stop by the stingray tank in time for their 1pm feeding.

It was incredibly cool!  Two divers dropped into the tank with small buckets of fish.  As we watched they hand fed the stingrays and other fish in the aquarium.

When they were done, they let all the kids give them high 5s.

Though of course it would be hard to top the divers feeding the stingrays the boys also enjoyed the shark tank.

And a variety of smaller tanks with beautifully colored coral as well.

And reminiscent of their birthday party we also stopped by the Penguin encounter and watched the penguins by way of the people mover. 

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