Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sea World - Part 3: The Rides

The part that I didn't remember, however, were the rides.

From the Shamu roller coaster -

To the carousel -

The Big Bird Ferris wheel -

And the monster drop -

We rode them all.  By day and by night.  Multiple times.  :) 

But the ride that we rode the absolute most was Journey to Atlantis.  Connor rode twice before declaring that there was no way we were getting him back on the ride.  In fact his eyes got huge every time the roller coaster dropped and he looked terrified.  It was such a surprise.  Ryan on the other hand was already asking to go again before the ride even made a complete stop.  So we rode in the front row, the back row, and every row in between.  We sat on the inside the outside.  We zoomed back over the bridge to get back in line when we weren't lucky enough to simply stay in our seats.  We got splashed, sprayed, and even downright soaked.  It didn't matter - we had a blast.

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