Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Goodies - Sneak Peek!

I have been bitten by the Halloween bug... :)  I blame school.  And Kristin Aagard.  School because they gave me homework, again.  This time to make number flash cards for the boys.  And Kristin Aagard because she released the cutest Halloween kit ever called Jeepers Creepers.  And I didn't think she could top her kit from last year which I had started out using called Trick or Treat (along with odds and ends from Flergs and Lleila as well)  But the googly eyes totally suckered me in.  :)

So what started out as flash cards (which I haven't finished beyond number 8 yet...) turned into a full blown activity kit.  And it is AWESOME!!  Aside from a few minor binding issues that is - 2:1 pitch, 3:1 pitch.. details, details...

These mix and match pages are among my favorites!  The boys have already been enjoying making different characters by flipping the heads, bodies and feet in the sample book I was playing with.

I was also surprised by just how well they did with the pattern section.  Ryan in particular really caught on "Big, Little, Big, Little!" and has been applying it to all kinds of other things (like the pumpkins by our front door!)

We have also had some fun with the "Shadows" section.  It's amazing to see how their little minds work as they puzzle out which one is which especially the first time they came to realize that not only did they have to figure out that it was an owl, but which owl! 

Ironically enough it took me far longer to work out the printing and binding details than it did to make the pages.  :)

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