Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scenes from Dewberry Farm 2011

 There were slides to zip down -

A fort to explore -

Cornball -

Oversize tubes to crawl through and tumble in -

Corn dogs to devour -

Swings to swing on -

Photo ops galore.

Bales of hay to scale and swing off like Tarzan -

And of course all manor or farm vehicle to drive -

Height to be checked -

And singing chickens to entrance -

There was also pig calling - SUUUEEEEYYY!!!!

And pig racing -

And a barn full of animals -

 Statues of pigs -

And ducks to race -

Busses and tractors to drive -

To help cool off there were make your own snow cones in colors of yellow and blue -

And a corn maze to explore -

Corn sticks to lead the way -

And pumpkins to pose with -

And at last, a long, long walk back to the car.

In spite of the unseasonably warm temperatures we enjoyed our afternoon traipsing around the farm going from one adventure to the next.  It was a wonderful way to welcome in the fall.

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