Sunday, October 9, 2011

SeaWorld - Part 4: The Bay of Play

One of the boy's favorite places to play at SeaWorld was the Bay of Play.

It was a huge, brightly colored play structure with netting and tunnels to climb and explore.

If it weren't for the Count's story time I am not sure we could have lured them out.

But the second the characters took the stage and started singing and dancing the boys came running to listen.

Though the bay of play wasn't the only play area.  There was another more typical playground nearby.

I am not sure the boys would have tired of playing here either if it weren't for the mulch that kept getting in the holes of their shoes.

We had heard that water park part of SeaWorld was closed for the season.  So imagine our surprise when saw the splash pad running.  Unfortunately we hadn't brought our swimsuits the first day so we had to wait until we were better prepared before heading in.

It was well worth the wait.

Though we didn't get to stay too terribly long as the sun began to set and the splash pad area was covered in shade.  With the cool breeze blowing despite the almost 100 degree temperatures of earlier in the day the boys started turning into little popsicles.

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