Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Square Patio Table from Sams

Speaking of eating dinner outside on the patio... After Santa's reindeer crash landed on our patio table shattering it in millions of little pieces we were in need of a new table. Luckily with spring arriving several places were starting to get in their patio furniture.

I hadn't been having much luck in stores, so I started looking online as well. I knew I wanted a large square table instead of the typical rectangle to better fit our small patio, and had hoped to find a bar height table given the dog's interest in anything that doesn't taste like cardboard. Unfortunately those two things are apparently mutually exclusive or cost prohibitive. I did eventually find a square table that I thought I would like at Sams. Unfortunately I couldn't find a store that had it in stock to take a look at. After striking out everywhere else I decided to go ahead and order the table sight unseen. When it arrived it was obvious that there was going to be no way to get the large solid top home short of renting a uhaul. So I picked up the smallest truck they have and picked it up one afternoon. Despite being a 10 ft truck it drove like a tank. And unloading the table top proved to be more difficult that I had anticipated. It was incredibly heavy! It essentially sat where it landed out of the truck until with both my mom and Kevin's help we managed to unpack it and carry it around to the backyard to assemble it.

My mom and I made relatively quick work of both the table and the better part of the chairs before being run inside by darkness while the boys played one afternoon. One evening a few nights after my family had returned home I managed to assemble the remainder of the chairs by myself. We have since enjoyed several dinners out on the patio and hope to enjoy many more over the years to come. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all the pictures I took of the table once it was assembled. So the picture above is as good as it gets. :) I will have to remember to snap some closer up next time we enjoy dinner on the patio.

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