Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's go Racing Boys! Houston Motorsports Park

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Houston Motorsports Park Saturday night. They were all decked out and ready to watch some racing. We found our spots in the stands about 15 minutes before the first heats started. We were just off to the left of the finish line with a great view of the flagger and the finish line.

Even the qualifying heats of 8-10 laps were fun to watch with cars bumper to bumper and going 2-3 wide in turns.

The boys watched the races with rapt attention.

Intermission was a special treat where they lined up all the cars that would be racing tonight and let fans down the track to see the cars and meet the drivers.

Ryan and Connor waited patiently in line for their turn to get out on the track.

Once they were out there Ryan apparently really wanted to sit in one the cars, not just look at them and was telling Kevin so loudly when a driver overheard and pulled them over and proceeded to put Ryan in his cockpit. Ryan wasn’t so sure about it and decided the window was about as far as he wanted to go.

Connor on the other hand happily went right in and enjoyed his look around.

Afterwards the “real” racing started with cars racing about 25 laps. Though there were a few crashes including this one that happened right in front of us, it was surprisingly pretty accident free including the bandaleros (9-12 year olds!!). Yeah… don’t get any ideas boys. That will NOT be you. Ever. No seriously. EVER.

We finally called it quits about 9:30 on the next to last race as Connor was getting a little fidgety. We had to practically run out between races so Ryan didn’t realize there was more to come. Because he really didn’t want to leave.

By the time we got home they were out cold.

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