Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Dinner at Joes Crabshack

After the boys' party at Moody Garden we joined my family for dinner at Joe's Crabshack on the Seawall. My mom, Grandmother, and uncles' family all drove down to see the Aquarium and join us for dinner. The boys throughly enjoyed the mozeralla sticks.

Or at least the cheese part of it anyway - they managed to pull all the cheese out leaving the fried skin behind.

All the food was absolutely delicious.

After we were done eating the waiters had Ryan and Connor put on funny hats and hold a tray while chasing each other around the restruant.

Connor was a really good sport about it.

Every 30 minutes or so throughout dinner a disco ball would start strobing and then the waiters and waitresses and various restraunt patrons would dance to variety of music just in front of our table. Connor loved it. He danced right along.

Though I am not quite sure where he learned his dance moves...

Even though he didn't know the steps he danced right along to his own beat. And just before we left even conviced Ryan to join him out on the floor.

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