Friday, February 18, 2011


And discover it they did. Though if it had been a snake I am fairly certain it would have bitten them. How they could overlook something so large upon setting foot in the back yard I can hardly imagine. Ryan ran straight to the swing. His swing. The yellow one. The one we picked just for him. Connor on the other hand went straight for the tire swing. And then of course they had to check out every single possible way to the top. Including the 7ft tall rockwall.

I held my breath. Though they have climbed taller ones before they have never done it without me standing just behind them ready to catch them if they fell. But they survived. Without a single misstep.

And when they shot down off the end of the slide to land abruptly, rudely, in the grass on the behinds they giggled, popped right back up and went to do it all over again.

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