Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Boys Now

We had been planning to move the boys to big boy beds for a while now. We had thought we would move them straight to twin beds, but they just looked so tiny and lost and them. Not to mention that whole having to get the other room ready... :) And Ryan's plea to just go back to his "green bed." So we finally made the leap this weekend. While Kevin entertained the kids I pulled out the directions and the rails and converted the boys' cribs to toddler beds. We decked them out in the Lightening McQueen and Buzz Lightyear toddler sets my mom had given them for Christmas along with matching pillows I had picked up for them a while ago. The boys were super excited and couldn't wait to climb right in and lay down to take a nap. Well... after getting all their stuffed animals settled back in of course.

We were a little nervous as to how they would actually do given that they could be up and out in no time flat. But they were so excited by their big boy beds they they laid right down and went straight to sleep. Way to go boys!

After they were out I snuck back up to take a peek. They have never been particularly still sleepers, and moving to a big boy bed hasn't changed that one.


Not one bit. :)

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