Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Party at School

The boys celebrated their 3rd birthday with their friends at school on Friday.

Given they were going to have more than their share of cake before this whole birthday celebrating thing was over I wanted to do something a little different. My original plan was to do bullseye donuts (chocolate iced donuts with whipped cream and sprinkles in the middle) at morning snack. Unfortunately school vetoed that plan with some nonsense about too much sugar so early in the morning. Plbbbtt!! So we decided to do a cookie cake instead.

We arrived just a few minutes before their scheduled snack time to discover that they were taking a late nap. When they woke up and found us there they were super excited to see us. Several kids in the class were excited about the "pizza!" we had brought as well. Apparently several folks really enjoy delivery. :)

So as the kids sat down for their snacks they sang Happy Birthday to Ryan and Connor and then dug in to their cookie cake. It was the first time the boys had ever had it. And I am not sure they knew what to make of it at first.b

Chocolate chip cookies, frosting, and cheese. YUMMY!! At least Connor thought so. :)

Afterwards the kids headed outside for afternoon play time. We stayed and watched them play for 20 minutes or so before heading out.

But not before grabbing our goodie bags on the way out the door. The boys were super excited to get theirs. Connor picking a Buzz Lightyear, and Ryan a Rex the Dinosaur. Surprisingly we made it all the way to the car before they managed to pull out the lollipop, tried to drink out of the [empty] bottle, and insisted their figurine be removed from its packaging while they pried open the snack cups to see what was inside.

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