Friday, February 18, 2011

A huge swing set!

The boys got an early birthday present... A HUGE swing set! Which thankfully came with it's own installers. When the boys and I left for school and work there was no sign of the transformation that was going to happen. No truck in our drive way. No giant stacks of wood. No power tools. Nothing.

But while we were away it went from a pile of pieces to this, to that, to finished all in a morning's time. So that by the time I got home at lunch it looked like this.

And by the time I got Connor down for a nap it was completely finished. What? Where was Ryan? At school. And why wasn't Connor at school? Because school called. He has the worst case of pink eye I have seen.

So we didn't show him the swing set. We waited until Ryan got home so they could discover it together...

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