Saturday, August 21, 2010

TGGN: Part VII: McCallister Park

As we set out from Caprock Canyons State Park finally headed home we had just one stop left to go. McCallister Park in Lubbock. It wasn't on our original itinerary, but as we had passed it on the way we had promised the boys that we would come back and let them play.

It was one of the coolest parks we have ever seen. There was just so much to explore - from the huge 2 store house with its corridor paths leading up and down and all around.

To it's Wild West downtown with ramps, and stairs, twists, and turns. The boys had a blast exploring just a quarter of it's nooks and crannies in the hour we let them play.

Connor particularly liked the two story spiral slide. Connor and I went first and almost got stuck in one of the hairpin turns on the way down. Though no one would have ever known as we couldn't stop laughing and squealing long enough to actually call for help.

There was a little something for everyone at the park. There was a whole area of musical instruments for whack-a-mole style play.

And all kinds of wooden creations to inspire your imagination.

And even a separate toddler area with pint sized fun for those with non evil-canival toddlers.

Though the only thing of interest the boys in that area was the swings. Why do tame when you can do what the big kids do??

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