Sunday, August 15, 2010

TGGN: Part I - Cadillac Ranch

This is it.

Though I think it was uttered as more of a question than a statement. This, in theory, was what we came for. Those tiny little specs out on the horizon. If you were passing by and blinked you would have missed them. And you probably only would have noticed them because of the surprising number of cars pulled over on the side of the road. Cars making the same pilgrimage as we were. Out to see the caddies. Their reasons for coming were probably as varied as ours. There were surprisingly quite a few people with foreign accents. Cadillac Ranch must be on the international list of places to visit. You know, right up there with the Grand Canyon and all.

We set the boys loose as soon as we passed the entry gate and let them run along the well worn path into the pasture careful to ensure that they avoided the manure piles along the way. The adventure for them was in the freedom of running around after being cooped up in their seats for the better part of the day. For us? Maybe it was the pictures. Thanks to the ominious clouds reminiscent of magazine covers or music videos.

Or maybe it was just being able to say we have seen it. International list and all ...

Or maybe just the novelty.

For some reason Mona Lisa’s smile comes to mind.

We had to bribe the kids to get them to stand still in one spot.

Together. I think it cost me 2 peanut butter M&M’s each.

At least they are cheap, even if they do covet my favorite sweets and complain when I don’t willingly share as much as they think I should.

Venimus, Vidimus, Vertimus.

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